Is a BGS Right for You?

Your BGS degree offers all of the educational merit of a traditional major/minor degree. The main difference is that this program focuses on a broader, multidisciplinary course of study rather than a single discipline. Since the BGS program offers upper-division courses from across the social sciences and humanities, BGS students graduate with skills highly sought after in today’s diversified workplace and are prepared for multiple possible careers. Today’s diversifying global economy demands innovation and skills that cross disciplines, making a BGS degree an ideal education.

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As with other degrees, BGS degree holders can also go on to earn a graduate degree in a variety of disciplines. Because of the unique opportunity to develop a multi-disciplinary and carefully focused course of study that meets students’ specific goals while fulfilling traditional university requirements, BGS graduates receive an excellent preparation for graduate school programs. Many BGS graduates share the goal of attending graduate school in diverse fields such as nursing, art, media arts, museum studies, public relations and others.

The experience of the BGS program at UANV is similar to that of a small liberal arts college. You will benefit from a close UA community as you take all of your courses in the General Studies major at our headquarters on the Paradise Valley Community College campus.

Through the multidisciplinary BGS degree program you will enjoy:

  • small classes
  • faculty guidance and a structured environment
  • internships
  • a location close to home
  • world-class resources and connections 

General Studies is the right major for you if:

  • You prefer a broader, multidisciplinary course of study rather than a traditional major/minor.
  • You have completed courses towards a specific major, but are no longer pursuing that path.
  • You have completed a diversity of coursework and want to apply those courses to a degree program.
  • You prefer a program structured around one-on-one interaction with faculty in small classes.
  • You are interested in career fields that do not require a specific academic major or certification.

The BGS degree is designed to serve Arizona students with specific goals and educational experiences.

The following types of students will benefit the most from a BGS degree:

  • Students who wish to obtain a multidisciplinary degree rather than a single discipline degree
  • Students who seek an education to prepare them to work in a wide range of job fields
  • Students interested in diverse and real-world experiences available through the program’s internship option
  • Students who plan to pursue graduate studies and prefer a broad, well-rounded undergraduate education
  • Students who wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree for professional advancement
  • Students interested in obtaining a world-class education while remaining on budget with low costs per course
  • Students who prefer to remain in the Phoenix area but desire a University of Arizona degree
  • Students who would benefit from a structured learning community.

Whether you are returning to school after a long absence or on your first path through college, the BGS degree is for you.

All four associate degrees (art, business, science, and applied science) can provide a pathway to earning your bachelor of General Studies. The primary requirement for acceptance to UA North Valley--no matter the associate degree--is that you have officially completed the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) or are close to finishing. Please check with an advisor at your community college to ensure that you are on the pathway to completing your AGEC.